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One Hundred Word Stories

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The game here is to write a story, 100 words long. That's the limit, so you can go lower. It's just for fun so no inappropriate stories.


Here's mine:



It was a sunny day in Washington, where Nathan sat on the street corner, minding his own business. He loved to enjoy the fresh air and meet new people. 
A man walked past him, unaware of his presence. Unknowingly, he had managed to drop his wallet. Nathan, the good person he was, picked it up and walked to the man.
"Hey, you dropped your wallet!"
The man stopped and turned around. He stared at the wallet for a second before identifying it as his. He shot Nathan a smile.
"Thanks, kid. I appreciate it."
A smile grew on Nathan's face. 
Okay, go!

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Here's my depressing crappy story.


Gunfire was echoing down the long, dark alleyways that Vallentino knew like the back of his hand. He had lived there all his life, and was used to gangs fighting at night. He used to be part of one of these gangs, yet since he had been shot in the knee, he couldn’t run anymore. Instead, he begged on the corner hoping to one-day get his life back on track. All day, he watched people walk past, with jobs, and suits, wondering why he couldn’t be like them. But he knew he couldn’t. His police record was enough to ruin any job interview.


Now other people need to write their own.

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