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as i have mentioned in game its not about what you know
Helper Is pretty much staff in training, By this i mean you will be learning and building yourself up to handle situations when they are presented to you - offer your own advice and contribute to some things in the server, this then leads to you being welcomed into the official staff of JR

Due to your age (14) you will not be able to apply through site as far as i am aware as i am sure there is a 16 Year limit for applicants although that can be over looked if maturity, respect and commitment are shown through forums and server side also


to add to this your post count is very low compared to the duration that you have been registered on server and during that time you have not met the recommended requirements (although you have been active more than 3 months)

also in game i have witnessed times where you have had your moments when personal matters (which will not be brought up further than this comment) have pushed you to the point of retaliation against staff and other members which isn't really acceptable

As a helper i am sure you are aware that other people would look up to you as a member of staff and the younger people on JR would learn from you just as much as from mod / admin 

in time i am sure you could become a great addition to the staff team just as anyone could 
but from this specific moment in time i personally do not feel like you are ready regardless to how helpful you may be to your friends in game

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I agree with everything Frosty just said. Couldn't have said it better myself.


But I will add that being a Helper (Or any member of staff for that matter) is about working out issues/drama and creating and helping to solve the situation in a calm, mature manner.. No one playing Minecraft wants to see an argument go on and on and on, especially not for hours, and DEFINITELY not dragged out for days.


There's a reason that there is an age limit, and even though everyone matures at a different rate, you have to be able to proccess and understand the situation.. be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.



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