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MobCatcher Plugin For JrCraft

Mobcatcher Plugin For JrCraft Good Or Bad  

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  1. 1. Do You Think This Is A Great Idea For A Plugin?

    • Yes! It Should Be Added Right Away
    • Not Great But Its A Decent Plugin
    • Its Ok But I Wouldn't Recommend It
    • No! Its Not That Good

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Dear Admins Of JrCraft I Would Like To Suggest The Mobcatcher Plugin For The Minecraft Server Here Is The URL http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mobcatcher/ This Plugin Allows Players To Capture Mobs And Get Spawn Eggs It Is Very Useful If Players Want To Trade Mobs With Each Other Or Transport Them Safely Thank You For Reading Admins :) From MarkMax13

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  • Management

teheheh xD omg Minecraft Pokemon style id totally be in for that :3 
takes a whole new level to "a wild jamie appears :P"


does this mean like no more wheat etc to transport cows for example :P 
maybe use it to attract and weaken the animal then bop a ball of its head xD 

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  • Owner

Currently, while it is a good idea it will have to be put on the back bench till after some of the big updates that JR has coded come through.


Please also edit your original post and add a topic poll so we can vote on whether or not it'll be a good idea.

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There is an aspect of pride in the fact that some people take the time to use wheat to lead Mooshrooms over vast distances.


I proudly lead mooshrooms over more than 7000 blocks to get them to my base, so yeah.


The mobcatcher plugin would make things easier. The question is whether that is a good thing or not.




P.S. Just because it makes things easier is not necessarily bad. Almost all additional content plugins make things easier in some way, because otherwise no one would use the plugin features.

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