JR-levels roll back

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So recently there has been roll back on the new JR-levels plugin. 

The only skill i would want back the most would be my digging, wood cutting, and flying... because they were rolled back past level 60 -_- and i can no longer use my diamond stuff, and the flying costs less coal the higher the level -_-

mining skill lost about 50 levels ... was around level 146

digging lost about 40 levels ... was around level 62

building lost about 100 levels ... was around level 137

flying lost about 60 levels ... was around 132

tree felling lost about 20 levels ... was around levels 30-40 (is the skill i have been working on the last time i was on.)

farming lost about 30 ... was around level 50


Is there a way that we could maybe get the lost levels back? -_-

(dont care for building because thats easy to level and i build a lot)

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your in luck that yes there is a way - and im logging into JR Now to restore your lost levels :)

All your skills have been restored 

Leaving topic open for anyone else to post there lost levels (:

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um my skills were rolled back agin... frosty said he would fix them but here is a reminder.

and i also lost more tree felling levels because i worked on it after the 1st roll back.



at least this isnt the worst... i helped a friend launch a small pvp faction server... this week end... spent 8 hours on it testing, fixing, removing, and getting plugins and of course building a legit spawn that took me 6 of the 8 hours... ... then the server host crashed and rolled every thing back -_- thats when i table flipped and said NO more.

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