NPC Village build competition

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I everyone MagnumSphere here and im looking for 6 teams of 5-10 people to build AWESOME npc villages! one of which will be choosen as the winner and will be used for the npc village in the spawn. Prizes for winning will be thus if Jamie approves.


1st place will get. 1 week of Premium, 500 experience, 50K Tokens, 3 Diamond Blocks, 1 Mob spawner of theyer choice. Your name on the who helped JR wall :D


2nd place will get. 250 experience, 25K Tokens, 1 Diamond Block, 1 DeathBringer Diamond Sword. (Enchanted)


3rd place will get. 125 experience, 10K Tokens, 32 emeralds.




*Each team will have a leader that is in charge of the teams build and its direction of how it looks.

*No outer walls because the village will be placed inside the old market area.


*It can look as rich and majestic as you wish. 

*Dont build higher than 30 blocks up.


Application for building teams.


Message me MMichael22086 on here with your application looking like this.


(Leader name) 

(Names of those helping with your build)


Reason why you and your team wish to participate.




/warp VBuild


You have 1 week for this event!!! it ends on APRIL 30!!!

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Gnome want team up :P we could make something cool. also a suggestion for magnum if you are making this a npc village for trading emeralds put a few villager spawners so that people can never kill them all -_- because that also happens to me. and also make sure it has a large area around it protected for mob spawning. so they dont all get turned to zombies.

Gnome we could do the floating island town :P i make the islands and you make the houses like you do :D i can supply the wood and stuff :P i has plenty XD.

only thing im after is my name on the people that helped jr. 

(and isn't there a "village" at spawn with houses built by the build team)


Then a question is this 500 levels of EXP? or just 500 EXP... because that only gets you to level 15-ish.


*Dont build higher than 30 blocks up...........

-for my idea of a floating village would be awesome and it wouldnt need a wall around it -_- so would you be ok with a floating village? on floating islands with bridges and houses?

-you can always put it low to the water so that is is not too high up.


And I am not building in a plot -_- it will be built at my island in the air... -_-


and if you want cooler villages -_- DONT HAVE such a short building time. Awesomeness takes time -_-

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I have a building plot setup at the warp vbuild. my building plots are the correct size so you have to do the build at my building plots. just ask for a plot and any admin can add you and your help to it. no higher than 30 blocks means no higher sorry harsol no exceptions. I might extend the time line.

Also when this npc village is setup it will be at spawn. meaning. No mobs like zombies will be around. also we will have a pluggin that allows us to remove dmg to villagers inside of the spawn. So we wont need a spawner. Trust me I have everything thought of already lol.



Pfff people think I dont know what im doing XD

and its 500 EXP not levels.... Stop trying to get ahead like that Harsol...

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Pfff people think I dont know what im doing XD

only half of what ya do. and the rest is reminders.


-i might help gnome but with my parents being gone this week and having 2 little siblings to lok after i do not believe i will not have the time to work on one let alone finish by that crazy deadline. im going to build up a village of my own anyway XD with that idea and probably gnomes help. and then buy a villager spawner so i dont have to worry about all them being killed.

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