Let me introduce myself :)

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Hi everyone on JR,


As you all may know I'm Frank and i'm a Plugin developer for JR,

here is a little more about me in case u would like to know :P


Education: Student Graduate in BSc in Information Technology.


Love technology, been taking stuff apart since i was a child and because of that theres not one thing i'm afraid to dissasseble (including my chrome black slim Xbox 360 my pride and joy!). Do repairs on consoles and computers in my spare time (anything hardware/software related). I also program too which is another hobby of mine aswel as DJ'ing too i love music!


Anyway i got involved with JR a month or two ago, with the intent to help improve JR's custom Plugins, fix bugs and implent new plugins or new features to existing ones.


Anything technical, software / hardware, programming, web, database related im the guy to talk to ill do my best to get you an answer. I'm nice too guys i done bite! :) I hope to help JR on there way to becoming bigger and better in the future :)

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