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New Australian staff needed for Mine-craft server

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Right ladies and Gentleman koala bears and kangaroos :')

JR is looking for new recruits to fill the Helper rank.

This is due to the time zone differences between current staff members.

Helper applicants must reach current staff requirements
this being.

- Age 15+ 
- Active registration of 3 months
- Minimum of 20 forum posts

MUST be mature :D!! (well to a Reasonable Extent)

looking forward to seeing new faces on the staff team 

Frosty (FrostBlast130)
EU Head Admin @ Jr Craft
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Ah I see. I kinda of agree to that. The server has a lot of members around the globe with different time zones unlike most of the staff which are mostly US or  UK. It would be nice to have staff members that come from different time zones so the server can always have at least 1 staff member on when there are a good amount of players.

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