5 word story (reboot)

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The story so far...


I was always told the Slender Man would come and offer me an invitation to the most magnificent carnival in London with my best friend. But then Nazi Vampires invade  and steal all the candy. They then proceed to go on top of the roof and set up a big MEGA NAZI VAMPIRE, with French War Veterans, who proceed to make french onion chip dip to serve at the carnival.


Out of nowhere, the biggest Nazi Vampire came and killed all of the war veterans with his mom's super big wooden sword of epic weakness, which promptly exploded into millions of micro evil wooden dragons. The dragons ate fried veterans, then consumed the unprotected world that was then reborn as a magical giant flying poof. No one cared about the fact that all the dolphins were learning how to Internet. On the wondrous magical inter-webs they set off all the buzzers and bingers and more,  so that they would rule the inter-webs to hack every possible satellite and control the world's forumbase (except for JR)!


They then went onto JR! But Jamie banished them all with his all mighty banhammer which he hit his own toe, then he promptly screamed.....


P.s. Kinda contradictory, some stuff there ^

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Where's your addition Flaw! Leaving me hanging XD and anyway it's not supposed to be a legitmate story


That's funny because my addition was a contribution to the thread.

What's also funny is you wanted to make a book sort of thingy out of this yet you claim it isn't supposed to be a legitimate story. :P

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