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Hey Guys!


Do over the last year, I have really gotten into anime. Literally, any free time I have is taken over completely by anime. I also noticed that since JR started, we never really had an topic where we could seriously discuss anime/manga and other related forms of entertainment. Therefore, I created this topic. YAY!


Please try to keep Pokemon, yu-gi-oh and Dragon Ball out of this topic where ever possible though, because in fairness? we already know near everything about them.


The main reason for creating this topic is to discover new anime/manga and discuss why we love it so much (obviously). Also, I'm not sure what to watch right now so I'm just kinda piking through anime at random.


I'll start off with some of my favorite anime and say a bit about why I like them so  much.


Angel Beats: Whats to say? One of the best written Animes I have seen thus far. I'll put it in perspective how well written..... My emotions in the last 3 episodes put me into tears several times, the second time I watched it..... I'm a 20 year old man who didn't even tear up watching Marley and Me. Not only that but it is very well animated and funny as hell too.


Hellsing Ultimate: One of the most bad-ass Animes I have seen to date. Gory, violent, Nazi's, violent, zombies, violent, cursing, violent..... Its a wonder why I love it so much :P Also has one of my favorite female characters, Seras Victoria, a vampire chick, with an cannon that fires anti-tank rounds. In fairness, she's full of win!


Monogatari Series: Another Extreamly well written anime based off several light novels. Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari are the current Anime that have been released of the series, but the entire light novel series have been green lighted to be made into anime (ohh happy days). The next in the series will be a movie based off Kizumonogatari which is a prequel to Bakemonogatari (it is basically shows how the whole thing kicked off) and should be released at some point this year.



So, what anime do you enjoy and why do you like them?

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Full-metal alchemist- its just a cool alternate dimension with a corrupt military with some 'alien' types actually controlling everyone. Really kinda sad ending.

Code GEASS- Really quite creative, ending was bittersweet. Honestly can be heart wrenching and bitter sweet throughout the whole thing.

Soul Eater- just really cool, funny, action packed. All around great.

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Full-metal alchemist


Love that anime. So sad yet heartwarming......



Have been planing to watch this anime for a while now, just haven't been in the mood to watch it. I'll probably start on it once my exams are finished.




Love Soul Eater. Really messed up the ending though because they didn't follow through with the manga since it was being cancelled or something. Would have been better if they did it correctly and hope someone picks it up later on to continue the series, much like what they done with Fairy Tale. Might not be continued, but the option is always there.

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The only anime I watch is One piece!  


Never liked One Piece. Watched about 20 episodes and found it too dull, especially for something that has lasted almost 600 episodes. I hear it gets better around the 400th episode, but I don't want to grind my way through that much. I have the same problem with naruto. I think the main reason for One Pieces success is the lack of good pirate anime. Literally, the only one I can think of is Black Lagoon (Watch it, It is amazing).



Team Four Star! Yeah, it is brilliant. You should check out Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged too by Little Kuribo, or also Hellsing Abridged which is also done by TFS 

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Team Four Star! Yeah, it is brilliant. You should check out Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged too by Little Kuribo, or also Hellsing Abridged which is also done by TFS

If you like them, try 'None Piece' by PurpleeyesWTF. There was a reference to it in the opener of a recent Yugioh abridged. Also Code MENT by him (parody of Code Geass.)

The other abridged series I like is Null-metal alchemist by some name I can't remember.

Oh! Also Devil May Cry is really good. The anime, it's based on the games. It's kind of like Hellsing though.

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Elfen Leid

Kiss X sis

B gata H kei

Seikon no Quaser

Sword Art Online

Black Butler

Black Lagoon

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Angel Beats


Clannad: After Story


Death Note

Gurren Lagan


Girls Und Panzer

Kuroko no Basketball

Samurai Bride

7 samurai

isekai no seikishi monogatari

strike witches

queens blade


Samurai Girls

omamori himari

maoyuu maou yuusha


Zetsuen no tempest


K anime


tonari no kaibustu-kun


Dakara Boku wa, H ga dekinai


Arcana Famiglia

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Nazo no kanojo X\

Black Rock Shooter


Mirai Nikki


Steins Gate


Blue Exorcist

Hidan no Aria

Denpa Onna to seishun otoko




Yup. Wasted. LOTS. Of. Sweet. Time.


Basically I love watching Anime With a lot of PLOT(if you know what i mean)


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high school of the dead


Love that anime. The second season should be starting at some point this year. It is one of the only animes I like that have a large amount of "plot". >_> ... <_<




Think you wrote down enough :L What surprises me is that I have watched a lot of these over the last few months :P


Black Rock Shooter: One of my favorite psychological Animes. It really shows the effects bullying can have on other people. Plus the fight scenes are bad ass.


Black Lagoon: Revy!!!!!!!!!!! Another one of my favorite female characters on par with Seras Victoria from helsing. 


Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Watched the ferst few episodes of this and didn't find it too bad. Have to get into watching it again because I hear that it gets awesome just a few episodes from where I am.


Angel Beats: Already said above how much I love this anime.


Clannad: Another great anime. The guys who made Angel Beats are the same guys who made this and the writer of Angel Beats is a huge fan of Keys works. You should also check out Little Busters! by Key.


Clannad After Story: Starts off great but loses itself a bit in, then gets ultra depressing after that moment half way in (the obvious one). Basically stopped watching it after that.


Bleach: The anime that got me into my addiction. Watched all 360 ish episodes in 2-3 weeks, when I also had college during the day. Really want the to continue making it because the manga has gotten really good again. (kenpatchi zaraki is hearing voices... and it ain't a person :o)


Death Note: Watched this recently, have a few episodes still to watch, but light-kun is one of the most f'd up characters I have ever seen.


Gurren Lagan: saw a bit into this, not much though. Might get into it again once my exams are over.


Full Metal Alchemist: another one of my favorite animes. 


Girls und Panzer: A strange one I got into. But really good and fun to watch. 


kiss x sis: was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, well, excluding the OVA. I tend to dislike fan service.




haven't seen it yet. People keep telling me to watch it, but I tend to stay away from anime people tell me about for some reason. Maybe it is the hipster inside me wanting to stay away from mainstream stuff.

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My Fav animes are...


Princess Mononoke





Clannad After Story


Ouran High School Host Club


And i also like..




Fruits Basket

Samurai Champloo


Black Butler


Vampire Knight






Rurouni Kenshin


FullMetal Alchemist


Sailor Moon


Black Cat






Howl's Moving Castle


Wolf's Rain


Samurai 7





Some of them I liked when I was younger so im not sure how stupid they are now..but from what I remember of them they was awesome.

I like a lot more i just cant remember the name at the moment or i'm to lazy to type them all down..



if any of you looking for new anime to watch, I like to go on youtube and look at some AMV (anime music video)

and they will have mixed animes in there and just pick whatever you find interesting.

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Date A live  


Watched a bit of it... Isn't bad for the most part... Need to watch more to really get a better view on it.


Another anime that has recently started is Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge. I recommend you give it a look.





Have Samurai Champloo and what I have watched of it was great.


Black Butler is a brilliant anime. Have a lot to watch of it yet but will be finishing it soon. 





Staple Staple! Another of my favorites. Like I said above they are making all the monogatari series light novels into anime. The current ones released are Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari with the next in the series to be a movie based off Kizumonogatari (a prequel to Bakemonogatari) where you will learn a lot more about Heart-Under-Blade.

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Clannad is my most fav anime! I cry every time I watch (I'm a big baby I know) I will most deff try them since its by the same person. I'm watching a pretty good one right now don't remember the name, but I'll let you know if it turns out any good seems like something you would like.

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Clannad is my most fav anime! I cry every time I watch (I'm a big baby I know) I will most deff try them since its by the same person. I'm watching a pretty good one right now don't remember the name, but I'll let you know if it turns out any good seems like something you would like.


Angel Beats Will make you cry! I cried! Yeah, Definitely tell me

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