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Hey guys,


Since I left JR I got into youtube, I set a schedule for myself which I knew I would be able to complete and follow efficiently :)


What does my schedule consist of?

At this current point in time it stands at:

Monday - Upload (BO2)

Wednesday - Upload (BO2)

Friday - Upload (RFFridays)


How I manage it?

Haiving my pc is a big advantage to this as I used to just upload 1-2 minute clips which didn't take that long to render but now I'm expanding into longer videos with live comms (take a look at RFFridays) . It is realitivly simple to manage as I'll make videos and render videos as and when I need them, however this doesn't always work out and I end up with an abundance of content.


What is RFFridays?

Have you heard of the game red faction? If not I recommend you go read about it. Pretty much RFFridays is a series that I'm going to be running while I go through the path to war DLC of RF:A and I may continue it on to follow the main storyline of red faction armageddon.


Why Red Faction?

If you own or have ever played red faction you should know why, it's extremely fun to play with it's physics engine :)


And now I link you to my channel: here :)

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