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Mob Arena

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Mob arena is really fun and challenging but its not fun and challenging when you have a chemist that tries to kill you and your team. I would like to see the chemist not be able to hurt your team mates with the posion potion. It really takes the fun out of the game when you die right when you start and then they just run and hide then they get to like round 100 and they eventully die when no one else has been there the whole game. So if you cant make it so they cant hurt your team then try to nerf it or something. Please and Thank you. :)

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I think Mob Arena also could use an enchanting table. You get so much levels during the game and you don't even get to use them

Now THAT's an interesting idea.... +1


Shouldn't be prevented from taking damage while using it though, otherwise people would abuse that to not be hurt and still kill things. Plus that means you either have to be quick or do without, but that would be interestng...

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Hey guys,

Just a quick update. I have spent some time revamping mob arena. Unfortunately, access to the castle towers is no longer possible, they are now aesthetic only. However, I am pleased to say that I have added an enchanting table to the arena [explore it to find it], added 8 more mob spawn points strategically, there are now a few goodies chests.

Hope this improves the mob arena!



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Another update!


Are you tired of having to wait to get into another mob arena session? Well, wait no more! A second mob arena is up and running! It is a smaller arena but don't let its size fool you... It will put you to the test!


So seeing as there are now 2 arenas, the commands have changed slightly...


Instead of doing < /ma j > to join in the arena you must now enter the name of said arena that you wish to join in on... so for example


/ma j Pyramids

/ma j default


Hope you enjoy the new arena and let me know what you all think!

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Last update for awhile from me as college is consuming me once again:


Another Mob Arena is up and running under the name Gladiator!


Good luck and have fun!


Also, please let me know if you want to see something included in the mob arena or if you find problems with one of the arenas, or if you just want to give out feedback in general!

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Interesting point switch... I will have to look into this and talk with Frank about maybe changing it a little. Will have to discuss some more.


On another not as well, what do you all think about the possibility of this:


Since the rewards in MA are currently useless why not make them more useful! Now, to accomplish this, it would only have to apply to the mob arena as your inventory does not get used for MA or in the WarHub. However, in MA your experience level does get transferred to my knowledge. I will again have to look further into this. But I know of a design that I can use hoppers, redstone, and command blocks to make a shop so to speak. Now, since it is hoppers, the way the shop is set up it can only accept one type of input. MA currently gives you all sorts of stuff. So I propose changing MA rewards to gold nuggets. This would be your purchasing power. As to what you can buy... one gold bar gets you 1 xp bottle. One gold block would give you 12 levels for example. There would be a 'shop' room added to the spawn building near the MA main info room. In the shop room, there would be a public crafting table(s) to allow for crafting of the bars and blocks.


Let me know what you think, and also what you think the boss should be [powers, health, mob type... also i think we can have more than one boss? again I will have to look into this]?


Keep the ideas coming :) !!!

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Hey everyone! I know this is an old topic...


But out of curiosity, in case I get the urge to work on minigames this weekend, is there anything you guys like/dislike about the mob arena? Would you like to see more options for arenas? If you would what themes would you like to see?




If you want another map for mob arena, but are bored on our mc servers, why not form up a team and build it on one of our other servers and if we like we can use it as a new arena on the minigames server! [the same goes for any CTF or PVP based map that you guys wanna do and see]!


Let me know, I shall see you all in game this weekend hopefully!

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