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Small and simple apps :)


Yesterday i was cleaning up a bit all my files and found a bunch of old projects that date from when i started my studies(3 years ago). So i chose one, finished it, fixed all the problems that had and added some features to it.


Is a pretty simple Notes app, made it to be easy to use and it minimizes to tray bar so it doesnt get in your way. Opens fast, but uses quite a lot of memory, 23mb, blame Java for that, because the program barely has any code...



-Add/modify/remove several notes with different names(It was unfinished)


Added yesterday:

-Minimize to tray bar, it also has a context menu

-Changed the Java icon with a notepad

-It saves notes automatically when you minimize or close the program.

-I also added shortcuts


Dropbox Download Notes v1.0-b


I also have a whole bunch of unfinished apps and some that run in the windows console, if you want i can finish them, some may not be usefull, i used them to practice Java.




-TCP Server and client chat (Really simple program, you need to know the server IP address)

-Units converter

-Law of the ideal gases calculator

-Boyle law calculator


-Resistance calculator

-Periodic table

-Sets calculator

-TicTacToe :)


-Investments calculator

-Drivers test (Quiz program)

-Matrix operations

-Racing simulator (Text based)

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