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Hey guys, just installed a horse protection plugin to the server, should be good to go.


To protect you must have:

  1. Tamed horse
  2. Saddle

How to protect:

  1. Right click the horse with the saddle and it will let you know when you have protected it.
  2. Now your horse is protected, it will be given an ID, that you will use to referance when Tp'ing etc.
  3. Use /horse id <identifier> <new-identifier> if you want to change identifier. Example: /horse id 5 myhorse. NOTE: setting the new ID may or may not work, if it doesn't it will be fixed soon! , so if you forget the identifier just use /horse list to see a list of identifiers for the horses you own
  4. You can teleport horse to your position by using /horse tp <identifier>. Example: /horse tp myhorse
  5. Finally to list all your owned horses use /horse list

Below are the rest of the the commands for referance:

  • /horse: List all commands
  • /horse list: List owned horses
  • /horse members <identifier>: list members of horse
  • /horse tp <identifier>: teleport horse to your position
  • /horse id <identifier> <new-identifier>: change horse identifier
  • /horse addmember <identifier> <player>: add member to horse
  • /horse delmember <identifier> <player>: remove member from horse


There are also other commands for this plugin which we have not added permissions for yet as we still need to test them.


The only limit to this plugin is the amount of horses you can protect;

here is a list of all the groups and amount of horses they can protect:


Tourist : 1

Citizen : 3

JR Premium: 20


Any questions just post below, happy protecting!

Any Issues please submit a bug report here





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  • Admin

woot, finally I can get that super powerful horse that spawned in my basement!

I'm a citizen, but its only letting me protect 1 horse...


for any bugs Drax please report them here as stated on the bottom of the post,

a member of staff will then try and sort out this issue for you,



EDIT: has been fixed :)

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