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Hey guys,

So an idea cropped into my head last night.


2 GB *Diskspace* Free hosting and 50 GB if you upgrade to premium?

Also there is an unlimited option for 8.99€ already in place. 50 GB free traffic for the free plan, unlimited if you upgrade to premium or the unlimited option.


Would people like to purchase any JR Hosting, would they be interested in it? 

The idea is simple to help raise more money (We have tons of bills to be paid and we need to find a way to fund it) and interest in JR to keep providing our non-profit services running. What would you like if you were hosting with us? We already have the following:


Latest PHP 5.4

Latest Apache




mySQL and a lot more!


Would you be interested in JR hosting? If we pushed it out more?

Be interested to see support for this, and if you like the idea, tell your friends, get them to vote and use us and if possible purchase a higher plan if we do follow through with this idea :D




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