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Have some fun with our new horses.

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Well guys we've had our new horses for e few days now.  I got an idea how to have fun with them.  Horse competitions like racing, jumping etc.  If you have ridden more than one horse, you probably noticed differences in speed and jumping ability.  I decided to start with a horse racetrack.  It is modeled after Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held every year.  I built it to scale and it is 571 blocks long by 161 blocks long.  I ran one of my medium speed horses around it and it took over 5 minutes.  The actual derby usually takes about 2 minutes.  The track is 18 blocks wide which should be wide enough for about 12 horses.  The actual track is about 24 blocks wide.  I may expand the width if it gets too crowded.  You can warp to the track at /warp derby .  The warp point is near the starting line.  The official length of the Kentucky Derby race is 1-1/4 miles.   There is a gate, then 45 feet further is where the timing is started.  The front straight is used twice.  The finish line is at the end of the front straight.  That way the fans get to see their favorite horses run by twice in a race.  Right now their is nothing but the track with a small start and finish area.  If people like racing enough, I would like to add at least bleachers.  The actual track has quite a grandstand.  If you want to race your horses, you don't need my permission,  just warp to the start at /warp derby and use /horse tp to get your horse there.  The gate start and finish lines are marked in glowstone across the track.  Worldguard is protecting the track from griefs and flags protect you from monsters on the track and in the start and finish areas.

I think that we could also have some type of obstacle course to get our horses around.  Maybe inside the track area.  Perhaps some rodeo/roping events. (Ever wonder what else you could use that lead on besides a horse?)  Well hopefully some of you will read this and try out the track.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to go with this theme, let me know or just post below.


Robert (rstoy or ~Rob)

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