Welcome Back Frosty (ME) Happy snowman :D !

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Well Hello There JR :) 

It's been a whole 3 weeks!!! now and I am finally ready to return to the job at hand xD 
Where to start !! 

Well - Since I have been gone i have heard of soo many gifts and stuff been made for my return (Which I am very thankful for)
I made a few appearances during the time i was on vacation in England and it made things so much calmer for me and really just helped me with enjoying myself - This community is AMAZING! Yeah that is right, You Guys = Awesome :P

Anyways A few members may be wondering
Did I have fun --- Well the simple answer is Yes!!!!! I had Such an amazing time in Northwich which is soon to be my new home !! (Breaking news for me :D woohooo) 

England has such open land so its a complete change of scenery from me - it was busy and full of shops and many houses which being from a town/village area surrounded by mountains and stuff is new to me and I Loved it :3 

Anyways onto the topic at hand 
I can not WAIT to speak with you all again and continue my role in the community 
I have missed you ALL :o 

See you guys soon 
I have heard big plans coming ;) wink wink nudge nudge 

Kindest regards 
Your loyal snowman 
sty (FrostBlast130)



P.S - Should be a blog post (can't remember how to and to tired to look as i've been traveling for 8 hours :D)

General seems good my apologies in advance :D 

Hugs and kissses and all that awesome soppyy stuff :P xoxox

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