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Attempting to make a cinematic of Jrcraft!

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Little intro ^_^

OK... In the past i was a bit of a prick but now i'm older (and better) i want to prove to the admins that i'm not a bad person. Some staff will remember me in a bad way but i want to change that. Therefore i have decided to try a cinematic of the server which i have wanted to do for years but have sadly not had a good computer as some people know. I now have a great computer and i will try to make videos for the community. 


What music are you going to be using?

So i have started to collect clips of the RPG spawn which as everyone knows, is incredible. I have 1/2 decided on music; approaching nirvana - Witness. Get permission to use this song here.

Feel free to recommend music!


What about the clips?

well, so far i have around 5 clips of RPG.

If you have some clips of your own or want to submit some feel free! 


What will you edit with?

I'm currently using Camtasia studio 8 since it is simple to use and reliable. (I would recommend :)


Tips and how to's would be nice :)






I'm guessing this is in the correct thread and is aloud, sorry if its not!






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Nice :) This should be good in many ways like increasing JR traffic by showing people that we have a nice spawn and professional builders making them eager to join the server :D

I hope so, we hope so!




It is :)


Also i'm going to try get into grief police (always wanted to be a staff member!) if/when they start recruiting, I've found one guy grieving and i gave him a nice surprise :) (Click HERE for video)  :)

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