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Outlast is a new game that is in the Adventure Horror genre. In this game you are a reporter that is going to investigate an insane asylum . The game starts off well with some pretty good jump scares but as it goes on it turns into you just repeatedly triggering the enemies A.I. to  chase you so you can lure it towards you hide have it walk the other way and you sneak out behind it. You use your portable camcorder with an infrared lens on it to see short distances in the dark while collecting batteries scattered around inside. That and the whole you can't attack the enemy just hide likens this game to a modern version of amnesia. Despite this though it is still an entertaining game that will scare you when played with the lights out. 



  • decently long storyline
  • many good scares
  • keeps your heart pumping for basically the whole game
  • The camera idea is a good take on the amnesia mechanic
  • decent price only $19.99
  • Good graphics 



  • Can get repetitive
  • A.I. is pretty easy to fool although it will get you every once in a while.


System requirements


Developers website:


post-10-0-40459100-1382057595_thumb.jpg post-10-0-08653800-1382057597_thumb.jpg post-10-0-07167600-1382057598_thumb.jpg post-10-0-08424400-1382057599_thumb.jpg post-10-0-49510500-1382057601_thumb.jpg post-10-0-37015000-1382057602_thumb.jpg post-10-0-34414300-1382057603_thumb.jpg post-10-0-30485300-1382057604_thumb.jpg post-10-0-83743300-1382057605_thumb.jpg

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