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New plugin I'm working on, DuelMe


Hey everyone,
I would like to share with you my new plugin, which is called DuelMe.




I first came up with the idea for this plugin for my own server. As it was mainly non-pvp I thought why not allow players to PVP in just one area? So this was my answer, When i first coded this plugin it was very basic, the code was ridiculously rubbish but the basic concept worked. I then decided since a plugin like this did not exist for what I wanted why not publicly release it. So I went ahead and created a new project on Bukkit.

I then recoded the plugin from scratch and is more better coded with a lot more features than before. I constantly work on this plugin in my spare time. Now you know the history of this plugin I will tell you what features I have implemented so far as of today 23/09/2013.


You may be asking why am I posting it here?


Well I would like to hear back from the community what they think of this plugin and suggest to me anything they would think would make this plugin better, whether it be a new feature or what not, just leave a comment below :)
What are the features?

  1. Automatic update checker (Can be disabled)
  2. Allows players to duel each other in a controlled environment.
  3. Separated inventories.
  4. Blocks cannot be broken in a Duel.
  5. Teleporting out of a Duel is disabled.
  6. Players drop no items when they die in a Duel, hence less lag for items everywhere.
  7. Undisguises players if they are disguised (eg. with mobdisguise)
  8. Toggle-able Duel start announcements
  9. Toggle-able Duel death message announcements
  10. Gives players random items, will have its own config soon

Where can i find out more ?


check out the project page on bukkit dev:




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Sounds cool, do players get given different items in there inventory when they duel someone then? Or is it the same items just they don't lose any when they die?


It gives players a random item when they spawn (I'm going to add a config for this later :) ), it currently backs up there inventory and restores it after the duel.

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