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Hey everyone,


As you may have noticed we have now updated to 1.6.4.


The update went perfectly fine, with 99% of our plugins updated to work with this new update.


I must point out that any premium or staff member that trys to pick up spawners in the Survival server, the spawner will break and NOT come back, as the plugin Silkspawners has to be updated. We will keep you posted on this when there is a new update for this plugin.


Other than that we hope you enjoy the new update if you find any bugs on any servers please report it to a member of staff or on the website.


Finally, you may not have noticed we have a new feature added to JRToolkit which has just completed last night.


You access this through the command /jr.


This will bring up a custom inventory that works like a menu system. For now you can choose a server and change to it via clicking the appropriate item in the inventory and it will move you to the server you clicked on.


I will be adding new features to this. If anyone has any ideas of what else could be added to this menu system leave a comment below :)




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Would be neat if they reported how many people were on each server, like holding tab does. :3


Just a thought!


I was actually intending on doing this :), say if a player opens the menu it would query each server to how many players that were online. You may think sure this will work wont it? Yes it will but is really inefficient and a waste of resources.


So the way around it would be to cache the values and have a reoccurring task that would query all servers every so often e.g every 5 - 10 mins so that when a player opens the menu it reads from the cached values instead of having to query each server each time. Doing it this way will take a little longer but its less wastage of resources in the long run. :)

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