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Horse Protection Plugin on Plain Survival.

Horse Keep vs Stables vs non  

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  1. 1. Horse Keep vs Stables vs NON

    • Horse Keep
    • Stables
    • NON

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Hello everyone on JR!

I decided to go on the JR plain survival server and unfortunately noticed that my horse has been killed/moved/stolen/taken by evil gnomes that have been ordered by their leader @ :P.

I didn't show much concern to the horse itself however the fact that it has been stolen gave me an idea for the Horse Protection plugin.


I have suggested this months ago and I think it was implemented on the RPG server but not on the Plain survival server.



Kyle has also posted a thread before me about this which was also very old.



Now I recommend plugins:


1) HorseKeephttp://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/horsekeep/.

However, unfortunately this plugin has been used and tested on Frank's server and seemed to be a little buggy. On the other hand, the developers of this plugin might have probably repaired these specific bugs.


2) Stables: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/stables/

This plugin is similar to HorseKeep. We are currently using it on Frank's server I believe and it doesn't seem to be buggy at all. (I am assuming). The only thing that differs Stables from HorseKeep is that the way of protecting the horse is different. (I am not sure if this could be edited in the configuration). This also adds crafting recipes for name tags and horse armor etc.. I think this can be removed though if not wanted.


I know these have been suggested before but those suggestions are pretty old and mainly focused on the RPG server.


Moreover, if not a lot of people know how to use either plugins, I am willing to make a tutorial on the Forums for the commands used if this is to be accepted :).



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It is plain survival though... Take in mind that. I realize there is still no griefing and what not but its plain survival.

By that logic, we should remove all WorldGuard protections and bug the admins everytime we get griefed because it's plain survival? :P


I honestly don't see how "Horse Protection" is going to effect the aspect of "Plain Survival". I mean, as long as it's a "NO GRIEF" policy then horse protection does nothing but improve it :).

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