Where would you like to spend your leisure time: Outdoors or Indoors? and why?


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  1. 1. Where do you like to spend your time?

    • Outdoors
    • Indoors

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The title says it all :P.

Many people would say "I would like to spend time Outdoors" for everyone knows it's much more benificial and simply healthier. :P

But which do you enjoy?

Moreover, what do you mostly like to do when outdoors / indoors (depending on your choice) :P.




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Well I'd say indoors, outdoors can be cold and horrible or boiling and humid whereas indoors is always the right sort of temperature. So definitely indoors :P

Same here :P. Moreover, I am not really good at "socializing" in real life :P (A flaw I must get rid of :P)

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Depends what you mean by indoors :P


Today for example I went out to town then my friend's gf's, then to the shopping centre, then back to my friend's gf's house where we watched two films and I spent flirting with my freinds sister :3 and now I'm home and I enjoy going out more than I do staying inside ;') it was generally the most amazing day ever :D I can definatly see a relationship in the future :P reckon she's only holding back because I broke up with my ex like 2 weeks ago xD but hey it was the first time I met her so yeah :P, and my friend is also cool about us two dating if we ever do :3 

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Unless you are a hobo nerd who lives on the street with a laptop and steals internet from random places he travels to :3





A Hipster

Also Indoors.... because I'm lazy


Yup, basically..

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