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Hello all!


I guess to start of, I had better introduce myself for those who have not met me in game. I am AnioNovus, one of the Minecraft Admins. And my story starts at a time not very long long long ago, in a galaxy we call home...


There was myself at a very young age... playing with legos, dreaming of great things... but alas all great things must have some downfall... and that downfall was the limited amount of legos one had. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring were all spent in the game room building away, imagination at work and the process repeated all the way up till the end of high school. [yes, I still get out my legos, for I love the creativity that can be found there :P ].


After arriving at college, my roommate was playing this game that had all these blocks. Now, I had heard of it before but had not really played it. So I by this game. I had no clue what I was in for. Minecraft was Legos with almost no limits! I had stumbled upon a Pandora's box which, once opened could not be closed.


And then... the greatest thing of all time happened...


I found JR!


Now when I found JR, it was about 1 am in the morning. I found it quite literally by going through minecrafts list of servers and going one IP at a time until I got one that worked, checked it out, and then usually moved on... until JR... When I first joined I was greeted by a player named Kenny. I thought it was kind of odd the nice feel of the server, compared to the others I had been on. Just kinda felt like home right off the bat. I went exploring for a few hours and then I found an island and that is where I met the all powerful MagnumSphere... he pushes his enemies back :P ... This island I then spent many hours, days, months developing... [and still am to this day actually, and with the help of a few others :) ]. While building this castle monstrosity [in size] I met many friends.


While building I would also post on the forums quite a bit, although I have less posts now due to college, and was just falling in love with JR. I absolutely loved it. Active staff, active members, friendly community... heck, it was home. Then one day, while building my castle I was approached and asked to become staff. I was kind of reluctant at first as the only thing I knew how to do was to build, and my building skills slowly improve as time goes on! So I got promoted to moderator. My rank for some time. It was during this time that I met the staff and learned what really happens here and how much time the staff actually put into the game making it better for us. Then Jugga spent some time teaching me the ins and outs of our anti griefing tool. Now I must admit... one of my favorite things to do back then was to find a place where someone may have been cheating for ores or what and sniffing out tunnels with the anti griefing tool.


Then came the promotion to Admin. This is where my building took off lol... unfortunately... I have so many builds... I really should just focus on one at a time, but with that imagination running, cannot focus on one build for too long lol. From here on out, I get on when I can and have some fun with you all or go hiding and building.


I think that is all about me that I can think of at this time. I apologize for the jumping around feeling of my post but there has just been so much in good memories in JR that I have experienced that I cannot sort the all together.


It is always a pleasure to talk to you all! Never be shy to shout hello or shout for help!


Have fun and hopefully I will see you all on JR!


And again, thanks for taking me in and helping me, meeting friends, and acquiring experiences! [note to self- i am not good with words lol]




Build what you see... you may be surprised where it takes you.

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How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Answer me that!!!! :ph34r:


This depends on many factors... the distance [x,y,z vectors] of said wood to be chucked, the wind speed and direction for resistance along with the height above sea level, density and shape of the wood, amount of wood to be chucked [number of logs / overall weight], if the wood chuck was well feed or not, and so on... :o [not to mention if the wood chuck may have been into so beverages that may or may not affect his or her ability to chuck wood]

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