Necromanncer (Frosty's personal Introducement)

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Alright well the obvious being said and done, I am not Necromanncer that is for sure :3 But I will do my best to paint a good picture and introduce her through my own personal view and then explain my reasons for it 

Necromanncer is someone who I personally hold very close to my heart, although the miles between us are wide. No she is not my mother ^.^ But in fact and I am proud to share this moment with you all as I've tried to find someone to share JR with for ages  :D and now the wait is finally over "Drum Roll"

Not only is she my best of all friends, the person that I'd turn to for any problem I have and whom i know will do best to try and support me, but luckily for myself she is also my Girlfriend (the girl of my dreams) and has finally joined JR and would like to share my enjoyment with you guys, love and adore you all like I do and walk this path with me ^.^ 

A little bit about herself but not to much :)
Necromanncer is a very down to earth, loving, sweet and all round amazing young lady, she lives in Florida USA is a family girl who spends her time looking after younger family 

I met her through Instagram / World of Warcraft to which we shared many laughs over a silly picture she posted of a boar (pig) impaled on a spike in WoW, Gruesome but rather glitched out and entertaining (:

Very early into knowing her we went through a lot of tough times due to our personal lives interfering, learned dark things about each other, shared our fears, the things that have hurt us most and times became lonely, depressing and hit us hard but we never gave up on the light we gave each-other to push forward, she picked up my broken pieces as well as I did for her and I must admit without question that she was my wall when I felt that I had nothing and Somehow I was hers although she doesn't know this, but in time I hope she see's that in fact her life wasn't the only one saved :) 

I must admit this girl the reason I am so hopeful and happy, but also the reason I can fall apart in a heartbeat and I guess that is just my messy imagination :) 

I hope that you guys can appreciate the company and treat her respectively as a fellow member, build with her, and all round just get to know the person I care for the most (: 





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