TF2 Competitive team for UGC?

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I'm not sure what class I'll play, but I'm interested in joining. I don't have any experience with competitive games, but I do know the basic workings of it. I'm not exactly good at any one class, most of my skill is spread out, but I do know what classes I can't play! I'd be a crappy sniper because my aim isn't that good, I'd be a bad engineer because I'm not good at keep sentries alive, I'm really bad at being a good spy so I can't play that, and I don't play medic or heavy often enough to have confidence in my abilities to play those. The classes I'd be best on are soldier, demo, pyro, and scout. I don't exactly have super incredible skill on them, but I do play those the most. My total play hours are 1064, so I know what I'm doing.


My concern on this is that we probably won't get a full team saying that the people who do actually check the forums nowadays probably don't play TF2, and if they do they don't exactly have a lot skill. Still wouldn't hurt to try and get a team together, though.

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If theres a call for this we still have a dedicated TF2: Competitive server setup using the officially endorsed ETF2L/UGC configs, maps, etc. Which we actually had setup for our ETF2L Highlander (aka 9s) group and then more recently for our 6s group. But quite recently the 6s group disbanded (no idea of the details, lack of interest or power struggle or something probably, I just setup servers not manage teams/etc on them) so that servers now empty.


The server was setup for use for official home games against other teams as well as being available for practice matches for our team(s), so is setup and ready to go for use anytime. So if theres still call for this the server can be used again.


Its setup to use the TFTrue plugin for ease of maintaining updates to the official ETF2L/UGC configs, along with rulesets/etc. And also records all matches as is required for competitive servers, as well as uploads all match logs to the site. I have also went through and made all the settings options available to be toggled ingame via admins using the sourcemod admin menu. And as per request of the original 2 teams we setup a system where on the group site you could add/remove people to a special dedicated teams page which I then later managed to link directly to our steam servers database to allow us to mark the competitive team members with special privileges on the competitive server as well.

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