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My Youtube channel, Feedback is appreciated

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Hello, I've recently started up a YouTube gaming channel and I'm looking for feedback and support and I'm hoping you peoples at Jrnetwork can help me with that.


So yeah, I've recently made a YouTube channel called "BackPageGamer" and I'm looking for people like YOU to help me grow it. I've always wanted to make videos and now I have the software and hardware to do it I can finally fill my hobby! making videos!! So yeah, I've literally spent a lot of money trying to get the right software to do this, This is the things I use


Links -

-Elgato game capture HD

-Blue Snowball

-Sony Vegas Pro


-Lenovo Laptop

-TRITTON Kunai Wireless Stereo Headset


So its quite a lot of money ive probably wasted here, so your support will be so much appreciated



I do videos like GTA 5 which is my only one at the moment but I'm hoping to make videos like Minecraft, Call of duty and much more. I do a lot of live streaming and videos with my Subs and I also live stream from time to time. I've had the channel for probably a month and its growing pretty fast, currently got about 50 subscribers.


You could have met a future YouTube star in the making!!

Please support me!! :D

Youtube                                                                Click for pages!                                                                 Twitch





Videos so far:


Your feedback is valuable to me!!

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