Internet Censorship: My Class Debate

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Well I have to research and argue a point of something debatable, naturally I picked Internet Censorship. So what I'd like to ask why all of you think there should not be internet censorship. Also examples of attempts etc. would be helpful to my project! I know here is where I could find the most dedicated to being against this possibility so please tell me what you think!

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Censorship leads to Copyrights.


Copyrights leads to Close-source thinking.


That's not progress.


Progress is open-source code.


Open-source code makes the Linux Kernel work.


Know what the Linux Kernel makes work? Fucking everything.


Printers, Soda machines, traffic control units, etc.


Linux FTW.


Here's a pretty graphic you can use too.


#Trolled #PossiblyActuallyHelpful? #Doesn'tMatter,HadTroll


EDIT: Oh wait, you wanted some examples of why it is bad too. Well that's easy enough from the remnants of the SOPA Blackout.


Of course, there's also better sources for more current examples. But I'm not going to be helpful there, because the internet at large already is.

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censoring the internet is good because - stops people looking at things they shouldn't be

                                                              - stops people putting stuff on the internet they shouldn't be

                                                              - stops you seeing when your countries leaders fail and commit crimes against humanity

but is this really good? who decides what I can look at and what I cant? who decides what I can post and what I cant (Jamie :P )? are school computers not censored?, 


the British government tried to censor porn websites  this is more of a moral thing, and is actually a good idea however... censoring the internet as said by David Cameron Google adviser says  it cant be done, it ended up not working  so surely it should be can we not should we censor the internet, Google can black list websites stopping them appearing in search results but Google isn't the only search engine and plenty of websites give you links to blacklisted websites 

and lets also point out the giant elephant.... what about the dark side of the internet?... :huh:

just some things to think about rhetorical questions work well in a speech  ;)

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The internet is a strange place in the way that no one really owns it, unlike land governments can't declare it to be theirs and that scares them so they try and censor it. The thing is the internet is a massive place and regardless to what governments try to censor, their is always a way someone has found to bypass it, because like I said no government owns the internet so if the UK censor something for example then it takes 2 seconds to get around with a VPN. Internet censorship is just a bad idea as a whole. 


On the other hand there is some pretty messed up stuff on the internet :P but no amount of censorship could ever remove that. Sure censorship might take down the original version of something messed up but then there is the dreaded repost... I don't disagree with all internet censorship but I do think a great deal of it is a pointless waste of money because there is always another way around.

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