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Minecraft server changes

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  • Admin

Hi guys today I have been working on the Minecraft servers, here I will highlight what has changed.



First the removal of the following servers:

  • Skyblock
  • Survival
  • Minigames

The reason for this is that is hardly anyone uses them. The files for these servers are still there so in the future if we decide to put them live again we will.


We are left now with:

  • RPG
  • Creative

There are plans to do up RPG from the ground up. This wont be happening until we have more staff free and more time to spend on it. When this happens Creative will remain open while we work on RPG. For now things will remain the same as before until we confirm when we are starting the revamp of RPG. I have added a few plugins / removed some to hopefully improve the experience until we come to a decision about the above.


Added / updated plugins:

  • LibDisguises - Our disguise plugin
  • SilkSpawners - Pickup spawners with a silk touch pick, You must be gold star for this! (need to confirm this to make sure)

Removed plugins:

  • Credits - to be replaced with UltimateVotes, as we can use its reward system as well as reoccuring rewards. (I am constantly working on this plugin, so some pretty neat features are coming to it soon)

A full list of voting rewards will be added in the coming days. Share some voting reward ideas here if you so wish to particpate! for example reach 50 votes get a mob spawner or reach 10 votes get 30 bread etc etc..


I think thats it for now, any questions or concerns please feel free to ask them. If it is relating to the revamp of RPG please dont ask us when it will happen as we dont have a confirmed date for this as of yet.


We will let you guys know in plenty of time!

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  • Admin

I hope you guys know that i spent the last month on survial server making maps for you guys. I didnt know anything about this server removal.

There were no warnings about it.


The servers are still there but offline, none of the data as been deleted. The was warning about it in staff chat on skype last week where it was discussed.

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