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I have a problem

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This is getting really crazy


I never thought I could obsess over a person T^T


Its this addiction called a crush


And it's pretty obvious who I have one on >.<


That scottish 18 year old who loves rainbows


Yeah, that guy


*sits at computer for 10 minutes*


I need halp :/


And I dunno what to do about this T.T


I feel kinda like Scootaloo


Only I'm pretty sure she doesn't like Rainbow Dash like that







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not that I totally can't read as over the past 18 years I haven't picked up that trait along the path ^.^! but although having a crush is flattering to say the least, and sweet "awhh coochie coo" making a public announcement of your personal feelings will not help anything :D

Crushes as such *feels like a little boy using that word* :P are normal, not always something to be taken seriously, they can mean many different things such as admiration, respect, understanding, feeling that someone is there for you which causes them to be on your mind, and the other known reasons :) 

Don't allow your thoughts and feelings to stress you out, you're young and still learning about things you will go through :D so relax and just have fun doing what you do :) 
although the story you wrote yesterday *Rather interesting with the techniques used, how you were so descriptive and able to set a visual environment :D so well done there*


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