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Fitness Challenge!

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Good morning / afternoon / evening all!


Well, I have heard some people talk about going for walks and bike rides where I work along with on Facebook and Skype. So... I thought it would be fun to have a challenge / post whatever you walk or ride! This can be done with every ride even if you do three a day or a comprehensive daily / weekly thing! So, introduce us to what you ride, where you like to ride/walk, and so on. Now I do understand we may not want to give away where we live, so just say for example: "I just rode to the park on my new bike! The wind was a bear going back, but for a total of 12 miles I feel exhilarated!"


So, I guess I will start :P


Bicycle I use: http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/town/fitness/fx/7_2_fx_2014/#

Trek FX 7.2, two matte black plastic bottle cages, two 24 oz polar bear insulated bottles, one bontrager trip 4w.

Bicycle trip to grandparent's house to mow:

Distance: ~2.5 mi

Avg. Speed: 13-16 mph

Goal: Try to get more miles in per week with a faster pace over time, get a few trips of 30+ mi.


Have fun and be safe! Watch out for vehicles and pedestrians!



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While on the subject of fitness...

I have a device called a fitbit.

There are like four different versions of it.

I have a Fitbit Flex.

There are Zip, One, and Aria

The aria is just a scale, but its good for keeping your weight in check.

I think you should try them out, AnioNovus

I think you should too, Daisuke

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Bicycle I use: Apollo Evade 22" http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/apollo-evade-mens-mountain-bike

Sunday cycle with my dad :)

Distance: 10.2 Miles

Avg Speed: 10.0 MPH

Goal: General fitness :)

Garmin Connect: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/535942213

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Bicycle I use: Apollo Evade 22" http://www.halfords....s-mountain-bike

Sunday ride into town and back again

Distance: 7.39 Miles

Avg Speed: 10.8 MPH

Goal: General fitness  :)

Garmin Connect: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/551089913

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