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Ideas for Video Games

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Heyro all!


For the past 5 or so years I have tried to write down an idea that I have had floating about for a video game. It is quite complex and I have never written dialogue or anything of the sort like that. So before I google search and get a bunch of random stuff, what would be a good process for developing this idea of mine off of?

Do I start a flow chart? [the game has many feedback elements and is made so that each gameplay is dynamic and different from the last]


How and when do I start dialogue? [i seem to try to start too many parts of the process at once perhaps]


The current document I have made [at 16 or so pages] is an attempt at ideas then dialogue, then planning of terrain and what. Title pages separate each sequence with a quote that becomes more complete. The idea always changes as well just like my builds in minecraft do.


Any other hints or tips for restarting this?





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Separate it out and focus on one aspect of the game at a time, then flesh that section out as much as you can. Leave story until last unless it is story focused. Talk to your friends about it and they will help come up with even more ideas. Get images off google too, just as a concept so you (and others) have a better idea of what you are going with.


I have several fully fleshed ideas in my head (literally every aspect of at least 5 games in my brain) and I really need to get them on paper also, because over time I will forget.

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I'm not sure what you mean, are you trying to do a storyline, aswell as a design for a video game?  


I have no coding knowledge or anything like that, but i have some ideas and some storyline for the game.



It is story defined, but the story is not linear and can change drastically. I want it to be where if you do everything the same but kill or don't kill someone or go to a different spot at a different time, a different ending is the result. The other complicated thing is that the beginning is the end of the game yet the end can either be the end or the beginning or something completely different.

Definitely good advice, i just get too caught up in it lol

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It is story defined, but the story is not linear and can change drastically.


That is very awkward to do for a first game. Best thing is plot out your story on a tree like structure, bottom being the start and then branches out (or joins) where needs be. Coloring particular paths that result in the same ending might help too.



Going by this, you MUST have a section at the end of the game that is common to all endings, otherwise it would be a mess. What I would do is to have a monologue for your main character at the start without giving away anything, and that section at the end can be whatever dialog you want then depending on the ending.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I'm not the most qualified to speak on this (for obvious reasons, at least when compared to the mighty one we only know as K3v) but for a story based game with multiple endings, with the game I have in mind it follows the same idea, have it break off into certain endings and so on. I figured for your first attempt at a game, it's best to have it change based on very specific moments during the game, so during a dialogue or monologue or decision on what to do during a 'thought sequence' that, while it doesn't have to be so bloody obvious at that point that it screams 'THIS IS THE GOOD ENDING OPTION' or 'THIS IS THE BAD ENDING OPTION', it leads you towards one of the endings. The way I have the story for my game (well and my friend's since he helped work on the story) written out is as a 'choose your own adventure' type of deal. So it starts off as a story where you don't get choices, it's you just doing the main mission/quests for people like any other game but then once you get to a point you feel like making the decision making start to affect the player, on your story tree (absolutely needed for a game you're planning with multiple endings) and have it branch off into each option, then if you have those branch into more decisions just keep on adding.

Just a couple things to remember on that:
1) The more branches and endings you try to make the more stories you'll have to write out, which can get quite complicated.

2) Kev is right when saying they need to have a common section at the ending to keep it from becoming a mess. What I get from that I'm going to explain with two games I know the endings of. So. Spoilers. and stuff.


Depending on how many people you kill throughout the game it gives you either the dark or light ending. What remains the same about both games is that in both you go to the same island, face the same people but they're doing different things based on which ending you're getting. Then you go to the top of the tower and in the dark ending you have to save Emily before she falls or let her fall, while in the light ending you just need to let her out of a room. Then after all of these it goes into a cut scene with the 'narrator' explaining what happens to everyone after the story.

Infamous: Second Son

This game followed exactly what I mentioned earlier, giving you choices to whether or not be good, but that game just strait up said "good ending, bad ending" but it approached the ending with after the final boss in the same way Dishonored did. It would go into a cut scene with the main character explaining what he did and will do directly after the fight, changing based on which ending you went for, but as opposed to Dishonored it shows him returning to the same place in both, but having people treat him differently. Again in this, same boss fight, same general ending themes, a character explaining what happens after, and then returning to the same place in both endings but being treated differently.


So I hope those walls of text help (and make sense XD) but take my words with a grain of salt cause I have no idea if they're actually good help but that's what's more or less worked for me.



Also totally not late to the party :D

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OKay at the moment me and my mate are aso programing a game so heres hw we did it. 

1) ideas right them down anything anywher just kinda tidily and order it

2) get a team

3) get an egine i recomend unreal (UDK) but theres also java and alot o others

4) get a programmer to program or do it yourself

5) at the same time do graphics and other stff

6) whatever else needs doing

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It's your own game. Yolo it and do whatever the crap you want :blink::D:lol::rolleyes:B):wub2::mellow::angry::lol::blush:<_<^_^ ^_^ :(:angry::ph34r::info::blush:

But to yolo might mean the game would not achieve its best. To me, the game may make sense and everything is connected, but if someone was to play it and not understand it D: ! However, I haven't put the time towards it in a while, but perhaps over winter break :P ...

The other thing was that I have no experience with this kind of stuff XD so always ask those who know more.


Just have to get a solid idea set in my head... the current idea is too fluid to set down at the memoment. I have attempted and it just does not end well for me XD. I end up getting confused and forget about the idea for a year.

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The other thing was that I have no experience with this kind of stuff XD so always ask those who know more.


Just have to get a solid idea set in my head... the current idea is too fluid to set down at the memoment. I have attempted and it just does not end well for me XD. I end up getting confused and forget about the idea for a year.


As the wise Brenda Romero once said to me, get all your crappy ideas out first, because they will come by the truck load. Start simple (2D) and work from there. You will learn and get better every time. Still, get everything you can think of right now for this idea on paper and you can improve on it when you learn more or come up with ideas for it.


Ohh, and avoid an RPG or anything of the like for your first game. They get way too complicated way too fast.



Very true. Can get really confusing. One of the main reasons I love The Stanley Parable is because of how simple and quick it is, even with all of the endings (unless you do the 4 hour baby simulator one.... I just let it burn)



The free version of unity (uses C#) is very easy to learn, but you will have to buy it to get licensing if you wish to release your project, which is 70 a month (rip off (UE is 20 and Cryengine is 10 a month)). Still, there is some great tutorials to get started. I recommend checking out the Stealth tutorial.

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  • 4 months later...

They get way too complicated way too fast.

I have continued to try to think out my idea, but by now, over several years, I have seen too many video games / movies that come too close to what I wanted... and it got too complicated as you all warned Xd

However, I have since gotten hooked, not on phonics, but on Writing Prompts on reddit. Love reading through those, and there is another idea for a book that I would like to do. So I may start by writing several parts of it like small writing prompts and try piecing it together (over several years, I don't exactly have the most time in the world lol).


Now I just need to figure out how to write a story and what perspective... ect... ect... sigh lol

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Now I just need to figure out how to write a story and what perspective


You could use something like Twine to help you plan interactive, non-liner stories.


I haven't used it personally, but was recommended by one of my lecturers (and even rarer for Tralee, he is a, excellent lecturer with published books).

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Well I've had a numerous ideas for games before (haven't we all? :lol:) but I thought of one which could be cool a few months back.

Essentially it's about Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street except he isn't the main character. You play as a sceptic detective, investigating a series of disappearances and deaths related to a mysterious cult that worships a supernatural being who exists in your dreams - Freddy. It would be like a Silent Hill level of horror as the deeper you go, the more twisted things become. What sparked the idea was the Scarecrow dream levels in Batman: Arkham Asylum. I thought that they were great concepts but imagine if they were really turned up to 11 with regards gore and horror? At around the halfway point in the game, the Protagonist would finally meet Freddy in his dream and the game would go from being grounded, hinting at supernatural events, to going full-on survival horror. 

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