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So hey guys, girls, ladies and gentleman of the JR Forums

I am here today to tell you about a plan that I have re-birthed, an idea for my own personal expense in gaming and to reach out to others and share this involving as many awesome people I meet along the way and just trying to grow past my quiet gaming that I do.

what I mean by this is I wish to grow forward towards streaming, YouTube videos etc, I am edging closer to starting this up with help from a friend who agreed to join me in this adventure and help behind the scenes with GFX, Intro's, Thumbnails etc and has offered to put more time into carrying me forward and keeping my head high on times where I may feel useless or that I lack things 

so the YouTube Channel is:

My Twitch Account where I will be streaming is:

My Instagram is:

I want to be a little different and really interact with the viewers and subscribers that may be gained over the coming months to further expand my experience and learn about what my viewers enjoy to then grow on


Soon the channel will with feature games such as GTA V (PS4), Shadow Of Mordor (PC), Elder scrolls online (PC), Watchdogs (PS) and I must mention that I am highly open to any suggestions to try for you guys and will happily put any money I have to purchase a higher demanded game :)

I ask you and anyone else who views to leave comments and feedback so that I can move in the right direction for what suits the majority of viewers that I may gain (:

Hate as we know the internet bring a lot of - will be ignored and blocked, I do not plan to share content just to be slated, Only your own time will be wasted :P

I must ask you to bear with me as my internet is bad so until that is improved I can't promise scheduled uploads or streams but in time that will be possible

Until then my fellow #FrozenSoldiers 
Keep calm and game on!

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you should get some JRers in every now and then (and other people in general)
That is exactly what I plan on doing, I don't want to be that solo self centred all about me channel I want to give back as much as I can :) no matter the size I grow to I am no better than any other gamer, or person for that matter

I do have a PS3? and PS4, PC, Xbox 360, DSi, 3DS/Vita soon, a wii and possibly something that i've missed :) 
(P.S my PS3 is no longer set up and sits in the living room, but I have access to it as it's still mine :P

:D thank you carter *hug* 

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Just subbed to your youtube ^_^  I am TwoPly Gaming, and I am working on FRAPS, so i can hopefully do some videos with you, but bad news: no skype D: but i got TS! :lol:




                                                                                                          -TwoPly Gaming


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