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magical jamie f

1st JRCraft Video Up!

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On a side note again, and in response to willCTID :P everything there is survival with the exception of the ships and what is below the island (though the entrance is well hidden and you can get glimpses into the path if you look in the right places). xJEDDYx was there to see it from when the island was protected to development to where it is now. Also, I think most staff who were around then also saw its development. The build was mainly done before I became staff as well :)

Sadly, most of my other builds are all built in creative. If only I had more time to build lol!

Good luck on the series and hopefully you get some player builds too! There are quite a few builds around that deserve some attention!


EDIT: The areas my builds are all in are currently hardcore like areas with what I want to do with all of them at some point in the future. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but it will be some time before all of what I want to accomplish is done there. [so /fly,/god,/home,/tpa,/tpahere, ect are disabled for what I want to do there; and that may or may not give you hint on what to look for at those locations in the future] :P most of my building occurs over a single weekend or week, and then I take about a few week or month break then attack it all at once again! Not the best way to do it, but that is the only way I can at this time XD


Also as far as the echo on TS, that was due to someones microphone sensitivity. That is easily changed in the options [capture profile], and you can also change players volumes as they come through on your end by right clicking on a player and clicking on 'adjust volume'. I find it useful as others have no issues hearing some people, but i need to adjust them either louder so I can hear the well or turn them down so my microphone does not pick up my speakers.

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