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Good morning / afternoon or even evening to all fellow JR'ians 

so without the introduction of my name is Frosty, how are you (insert reader name here), what are you doing today, play any new games recently, awesome how was your dinner last night, did you sleep well and all that lada dadda stuff - I being my mischievous and overly excited!!!! little snowman that I am would like to stir up a little excitement for a developing (note it says developing) idea here within JR Network.


Let’s start off by mentioning that our community (yes that is all of you people, yes you right there, I see how you're tilting your head in confusion, or maybe now shaking it in disappointment for being so silly) is amazing let’s be honest without stroking any egos, our member base are loyal, honest and dedicated, we strive to further expand how we operate within the community as a hold, we began to ask ourselves the question


"what can we do to show that we appreciate our members, how can we say thank you for the past, present and future memories?"


So okay? 
Okay :D

Even in itself that is a great question, but it's not enough to work with the way we want to do, so let’s think deeper.... hmm... any idea's ladies and gents?... nope need more time okay... (time passes)
Ahaha!! We got it, you're going to love this, take notes! this will be good

"how can we create something for the members and say our own little thank you by making their time in our community more personal and more enjoyable to suit their own hobbies and gaming experiences" 

Now we feel like we're onto a good thought, so we stuck our heads together deep within the unknown areas of JR's mind (known as JR Staff skype discussion, Or just JRSSD for short) and have come to a decision that within the coming weeks we will start to give back through events, competitions and mere give always (socially called Freebies) no strings attached you stick around you get rewarded, you're new here you may also get a reward, there may be multiple up for offers all depends what we have. We will always try to reach out to all corners of our community and give prizes of different reason

We will be giving back to the community that has carried us, built us to be what we are and even in doing this we will never be able to show our appreciation to its fullest as a team


Lets mention a tiny little bit about what Gifts can vary between - short answer - anything and everything within budget 


such as 


·         Steam Games

·         Console Games

·         Audio books

·         Merchandise

·         Discounts

·         Beta Codes

and much more to be decided 


We will hold polls now and then with gifting options and community can assist with the decisions too

I hope you're all as excited as we are to be bringing new Idea's forward and look forward to many more years here at JR Network 



The JR Staff Team



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