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Skyrim (because why the heck nah?)

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first of all, HI! long time no see! 

to the point 


just, what the hell is valve thinking, paid mods!? after all these years when respect and fun were more important than the dirty currency of the capitalism!? 


it sucks

1/10 #freetheworkshop

in other news, all mighty nexus still free, i think

thats it,




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I wrote a pretty long (and damn fine) article on the whole Steam stuff yesterday here:

I am totally fine with paid mods, to a degree. A 75% cut is insane, and the fact that nether Valve nor Bethesda is curating it means that the overall quality of these mods are going to go down in order to make a quick buck. Modders fully deserve to earn money for their creations, no different to how YouTubers deserve money for their videos, but Valve are going about it in the wrong way. 


The best way by far is to add encouraged donations (the pay what you want thing they announced seems fine). 

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