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about a week ago (oh lord not that song)

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so, you know how above your pic
<----- there is a little title such as "member" or "advance member" and some people have different ones?


how do they do that!? i literally tried to search where to and i guess im too blind to see? idk


send halp plz. thanks


- Daisuke

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If I remember rightly you might need to have a certain number of posts to do it? I don't always remember it being there but then suddenly it appeared so that's what I based it on :P Either that or I somehow managed to look over it multiple times when editing my profile.

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250!? who writes the rules when it comes to this!? (now before you think im acting aggressive, im not, this is a joke, please take it as a joke, if you don't feel the joke is funny, i am sorry that it bothered you)

I want to talk to a staff! ... 

oh ... wait ... i am staff ... well ill be damn im not doing a very proper job

anyhow, i went to the edit profile part and i cannot see any "member title" box anywhere 


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