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Forum guidelines

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Forum Guidelines


  1. Treat all members with respect.

  2. Treat staff members and their decisions with respect. You should not argue with staff members on any action made in the case when a user has broken a rule. If you disagree with the action taken by a member of staff, or believe that they acted in error, please contact an Admin.

  3. Posts should be in English, except in the ‘Modern Foreign Languages’ forum.

  4. Do not spam. This includes but is not limited to: advertisements, repetitive posts and short/pointless posts. Posts considered as spam will be removed.

  5. Be considerate of language used on the forum. Whilst swearing isn’t completely banned, many members of JR are younger so swearing should be kept to minor words. If a staff member thinks the language in a post is inappropriate, it may be censored or removed.

  6. No hacking or illegal activities, such as the promotion of illegal downloads.

  7. Ensure all material posted is appropriate. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable viewing the material at work/school or in front of parents/children then it is probably not appropriate.

  8. You should only bump if you are yet to get an answer or need more opinions. You should bump no more than once every 2 days. The forums exempt from the 2 day rule are ‘Forum Games’ and ‘Off Topic’.

  9. Gravedigging is the act of posting in a topic over a month old. While it is usually discouraged, it is permitted if you find a topic of interest provided you have either: a reasonable question to pose, or valuable/updated information to contribute.


What happens if I break a rule?


What happens will very much depend on the rule you broke and how severe the action was. For minor rule breaks the following actions are taken:

  • Disrespecting staff - 2 warning points will be added for 30 days.

  • Disrespecting members - 1 warning point will be added for 30 days.

  • Spam / pointless posts / advertisements - 1 warning point will be added for 7 days.

  • Inappropriate language - 1 warning point will be added for 7 days.

  • Not speaking in English (except in MFL forum) - A verbal warning will be issued, if it persists you may be issued a warning point for a period.

  • Gravedigging/Bumping - If it is clear you had no reason to bring the topic back up then you will be warned verbally. If this persists you may be issued a warning point for a period.


Warning points on their own will not change your experience on JR Network. However if you accumulate 3 warning points or more, you will be placed on a moderator approval queue for 1 week - meaning all your posts must be approved by a moderator before they are added.


If the rule break is more severe, an alternative course may be used to that stated above. This may include a temporary or indefinite suspension from JR Network and it's associated services.

If a member persistently breaks the same rule they may receive a temporary or indefinite suspension from JR Network and it's associated services.


If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact a member of staff.

Edited by Kyle
Update references to 'community staff team' with admin since hierarchy has since changed. Also minor grammar fixes.
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