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Worst Injuries? :P

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Ok so sitting here in physics quite bored I decided to try figure out the physics behind my worst motorcross accident. Lets just say it hurt. So I was wondering, do any of you guys and gals out there have any funny or horrible injuries that have happened to you? If you dont mind sharing I will share mine. ^_^

I was riding along through a forest on a trail ride, my throttle stuck on and all my emergency ides, braking, engine stop, clutch all failed so I decided to jump off rather than hit a try head on. I jumped off to the left rather than to the right where I would land in the path of oncoming motorbikes. I forgot to look and ended up getting hit in the gut just below my body armour by a tree. SO heres the injury. A lot of bruising and cuts all though nothing broke thankfully.

Anyone else willing to share?

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That sounds nasty, sounds like you got really lucky with nothing being broke. The only time I've ever had a major injury was when I was 3. In my head, it was a fantastic idea to slide down the stairs instead of use my 2 feet and walk... I managed to lose control whilst sliding down the stairs and ended up rolling down the stairs, hitting my leg against a wall. Had to go hospital and found out my leg was broken - if anything good came out of this though, it's that I got to have a blue cast. Wouldn't recommend breaking your leg just for a coloured cast though :P

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That sounds bad, I have another one, about 5 or so years ago when I slept on bunk beds with my brother, I decided to lean right over the edge to look out the window (don't ask why) I fell. Lets just say the edge of a power cable (the sticky out metal part) can cause a lot of blood to leave ones head. My parents didn't take me to the hospital but I did get a cool scar. But then again doing what could cause major head injuries just for a scar is also not a good idea.

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