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What's Happening, JR

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Many times have I dissappeared in the last two years, A lot has happened in my life which has otherwise caused a decline at JR, The team has been demotivated, I haven't been around to be able to work on the love of my life (being this community) and I have actually half a life right now.

JR - > Are We Staying?

Big answer to that is yes, I haven't lost my vision, many of my team have been I'm still visioning a vast community of players, doing one thing and one thing best, Playing games.

There has been rumours over social media that we have dead, that I am closing JR down, and seriously guys, I haven't.

We will soon be coming back properly with a better way of working, more organization, more events, more prizes and best of all I'm working on a better, easier to use website. 

I have already started working on the better website, but it's not quite there yet.

From January the 1st I will be promising to make an appearance at least an hour a day and from now I have been starting to work on where we are going and what is actually our plan of action.

Why not quit?

JR has been in my life since I created it when I was 13, I'm now 21. That's 8 years, nearly 9. We have had our ups, our downs. I currently work for a retail chain called, Harvey Norman and I feel that my work at Harvey Norman has increased the way I think, act and do. I want to get us working again, some people will look at this forum post and say I've seen this all before. But this is not the same. 

Will we change in anyway?

Yes, but change is good, change is needed, staff changes are needed, game changes are needed and I can not wait to continue to work on something I started. Chris, Frosty and Caly I hope you know I need you more than ever right now, We will sort this. JR will sort this.


More to come....

JR, It's here to stay.

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Funny you posted this today. Considered posting a news article yesterday to let people know we are here to stay. Great minds think alike :)

I'm personally 100% behind you on this, I admit I've become demotivated from just the lack of everything. But if we're coming back I'm 100% committed. I've got the time for JR, I am very much looking forward to rebuilding it.

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You will always have the support you need whenever the time is there to give - I've personally always said JR will never die and that I would always be around to do something, we've all lost motivation simply because directions were not there and the ideas anyone had could not be done - as chris has said If and when we come back I will be commited to the best that I am able to be :)


As for new website yayy :D!!  =(p.s I love the Christmas theme ^>^ very... well.. me :D)

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So far so good, Today I have worked on the following:

Databases Optimized and Repaired
Server Software Optimized and Updated
Spam Settings Reconfigured and Email Software Upgraded
New cPanel Server Theme

These small but suttle changes will help with load times, speed of the server and other things to get ready for a new site :)


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