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Do you think this should be implemented?  

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  1. 1. Should /warp shopwarp exist?

    • Yes, good idea!
    • No, bad idea.

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Hey guys, 

I did some reflection on how we can have a perfect economy on JRcraft.

My shop: I just finished making my shop, which is placed right in front of the plains portal in the survival world. It's a shop where you can buy and sell cobblestone, dirt, wood, etc, which I hope will be very useful for people. However, this means I need to have money, too. To sort that out, I'm selling diamonds for 850 dollars each, which will hopefully give me more than enough money I'll need for people to sell their stuff to me. The cobble and dirt are sold for 1$ per 16 (which I might change, because it seems a little too cheap. At the same time, you can buy a ton of it for 2$ per 16). I also am buying and selling music discs for varying prices, and I might add more to the shop.


I'm going to change the name on the signs to "bulk shop". Can an admin help me make a warp/protected region?

The ideal shop system: Having a player-shop system will definitely be advantageous to admin shops, just because of how player shops will fuel more growth and will give players long-term purpose on the server. Therefore, it would be important to set up an easy access to player shops. However, rather than a mall, I think a room with player shop warps should be set up. This will have more advantages. People would warp to the shop warp, say with /warp shopwarp and then browse signposts and advertisements for a shop they're looking for, then warp to the warp indicated on a sign. The staff could select which shops are worthy of having a sign, and each shop could be given two signs and an item frame, to describe the shop, point out essentials of what they're buying/selling, and state the warp. For example, my shop could have:

Do you have too much cobblestone

in your chests? Or do you need to

build a giant house, and need materials?

Sell and buy cobblestone,

dirt, wood at bulkshop! 

Also: Buy diamonds 850$

Sell and buy music discs

/warp bulkshop

*cobblestone item frame*

Having signs next to each other will create competition between players. If all players are prevented from any kind of hacking, then there should be realistic market competition in terms of price and quantity of items (aka diamonds should not get cheap, or at least not for long because there aren't enough) (this makes it crucial for admins not to use creative mode/spawn stuff in!!!). 

Staff can select shops based on originality of content, prices, purpose of the shop, quality of the shop (if the building looks good), amount of stuff available, etc. Shops that aren't replenished often can easily be removed, without actually destroying the shop (unlike in a mall).

I would love to help set this up!

I also have an idea of how a small mall/general store could work, once again using player resources rather than spawned-in materials (which, once again I will emphasise, must not happen in an economy like this!!!). I'll make another post about it.

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This sounds great, I think it'd be a better way to do things, I think that Admin shops should only be used to sell things for the economy and not buy things, This will allow money to run into the economy but not cause issues of someone hacking to get tons of money back. The other thing with this is that when you sell stuff at the admin shop you *have* to use the player shops to get tools and stuff.


I think this would be a great idea, what do all of you guys think?


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I totally agree with this. Another advantage of having warps is that it allows more player based communities to grow. So if a player or group of players has a village for example with a shop, it would make it easier for players to discover and potentially join other communities. It's also not as difficult to set up and maintain as the market/mall system we've used before. 

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