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JRCraft - Further Updates. Please Read, Important!


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Hi guys, 

As you may have noticed we have been doing a lot of work on JRCraft and I'm dedicated to making this better. Due to this post: http://jrnetwork.net/blogs/entry/646-server-purpose/ I have rethought of our strategy and so from this moment forth I'm removing all JRCraft servers, deleting everything and we are going to build it again.


Know, that my words above were joking and we are not restarting the entire server, you serious? You fell for that??

Anyway, back on track I will be putting these ideas into place effective immediatley.


It's been a good run and I'm switching off classic for good, If anyone would like to get the map and use some of the schematics, go ahead. We will be posting a link with the map to the classic server soon.

It is using a lot of resources keeping the 15+ GB map running it uses approx 25% of our CPU dedicated to minecraft and around 8 GB of RAM.

So this will be the last post mentioning Classic, Alons-y!


Survival will be removed and survive will take it's place, we will keep the survival map and warps of where places are and we will put the builds back on to the server that users request but it has gone very messy, Please don't get upset, We will not loose any of your builds, we are just cleaning up the servers.

Survive is been switched to the new survival and we will keep the name survive as a lot of hardwork has gone in to this and it is working out as a great survival server.

Survive I'm going to add Skylands to it and bridge the inventories so resources you mine in Survive can be moved to Skylands.


Creative is getting a small update due to economy (explained soon) and we will be sorting a spawn out (yes admins I really need some help with this)


The return of hardcore, mega difficulty, 100 times the average mob count, PVP, a longer time for day light and a longer time for night. You will spawn with few resources and the aim is kill or be killed. Team up or lonewolf, You decide, no protections, griefing is allowed and tnt will be enabled. This will take a bit of time to get this right. Moderators will regen some land if it gets fully destroyed, TNT will be limited on how much can go off at a time to avoid any issues with the server overloading and it'll only allow 50 players at a time.

Staying in hardcore without moving will kick you if you are afk for more than 10 minutes, due to the fact we are implementing a system connected to the economy, which will lead me on to another point.

Economy / JRCash

Now the economy is working on most servers this is something I haven't told you.

  • Economy will be linked to the website, every forum post you will start to post will give you a certain set of JR cash, that you will be able to use on the website, around every minecraft server and other ideas that are coming (I can not discuss)
  • Just to get this straight JRCash is an economy system that will allow you to get cool things, but it's not currency!
  • JRCash will be given out automatically for how long you stay on the minecraft servers, for example:
    • Hardcore will give you 50 cash per hour of play
    • Creative will give you 25 cash per hour of play
    • Survive will give you 25 cash per hour of play
    • Minigames will give you 50 cash per 20 minutes of play
  • Please note the above cash allowances may vary and change if we see any exploit (shouldn't happen)
  • JRCash can be used to trade with people in game but JR will not have any admin shops apart from one on each server which will allow you to exchange diamonds to cash (Exempt servers: Minigames and Creative)
  • Bonus JRCash can be earn't within the minigames server by winning games / rounds


Will be changed due to the change of our servers, it'll be made a lot easier to understand how to register.

That's about all the information I'm going to release guys but please be aware I need the communities support to make this happen, I will work as hard as I can to get these changes done but please give me at least a month to get everything in working order (unless minecraft decides to spring a 2.0 update and break everything)

I hope this clears up a few questions and if you have any questions more please post them below!


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Whilst I do love the classic server, it's definitely not worth keeping when it takes up so much in resources. Sad to see it go but I'm glad we'll still be able to download it. 

As for everything else I'm really happy with it :) Especially like that JRCash will now be linked to the website, looking forward to that :D 

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I understand and like what you've decided to do with the survival servers. It's true that having the fresh, new server "Survive" will be nice, and everyone will be able to start from scratch. I'm also really looking forward to the minigames and hardcore servers! However, I think some more discussion might be needed before deciding what is allowed and what is protected on the hardcore server, since we don't want some dirty, griefed world. That's why I also think builds should be protected, or else the world will look like shit with all things that aren't hidden away being completely griefed. We can figure an ideal set of rules out, maybe we could have a staff meeting or something to discuss it! 

Other than that, I'm liking the dedication and the strong decisions you're making, I think it will be for the best.

5 hours ago, Jamie said:

I have rethought of our strategy and so from this moment forth I'm removing all JRCraft servers, deleting everything and we are going to build it again.

Also, I legitimately believed this and freaked out for a second! You got me good ;)

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Last night updates:

  • Server was updated to the latest spigot
  • We disabled classic
  • Survival (old was disabled for users, admins can access things to recover your builds)
  • Started updating files for Minigames, hopefully this will be available later on today
  • Updated chat system to fix a few bugs.

To recover builds from survival go here:


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Current Updates today as of: 13.25

  • Minigames running and updated, setup with economy. (need to finish sorting rewards for winning teams)
  • Dynmap for Minigames enabled and working http://play.jrcraft.net:8113
  • Mobarena is not currently in operation, this will be sorted at a later date
  • Canons on some minigames may need to be fixed, we are looking in to this
  • Resetup permissions for minigames


If you are an old member remember to go here to get a free 3 month JR Premium:

Things we are looking in to and will have ready soon:

  • We are looking into a system to switch off God mode in Survive if you are pvping a player
  • A fix to resolve some syncing problems regarding the login system
  • Votifier so users can once again vote on server lists for JRCraft
  • Help files, including website help for permissions and commands
  • Creative spawn
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Seems like a cool idea, Minecraft players should enjoy this new update.  Booster packs / Double XP / Enchantments can be purchasable via store. maybe instead of offering diamonds for the votes for JRCRAFT we can offer JRCash which will offer the players more in the long run.


Due to the model of Minecraft on a whole, you can't really turn it into "pay-to-win" as all resources are around you constantly. With that said we can offer features and functionality to paying players tho. 


For example. You use £xx of JRCash you can access more of the map (worldguard extension) 

"Starting off new on JRCraft ? Use 10 of your free 50 JRcraft points to purchase a starter kit to get you well into the game!"

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  • Fixed issue with community bridge, by removing player files every fifteen minutes, this will fix any group syncing issues, so if you group is messed up, wait up to 15 minutes and it'll be fine again!
  • Cleaned up a lot of files to save space!
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This all sounds good! I like the idea of a global run economy that is also tied into the forums. I agree with Kyle that it is a shame to see classic go, hopefully it will allow us to expand in other areas and run our servers more efficiently :)

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