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Things to do: hobbies

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Hey guys,

So I've recently hurt my wrist, and pretty much can't use my right hand. This sucks, considering I just finished school and had many projects in mind for the holidays before uni, notably writing and playing music, playing video games, creating art, and doing lots of sport. All these pretty much have to be delayed by a week or two, and I need to get stuff done or my conscience will fall apart and I'll go insane. 

Therefore, do you guys have any ideas about what I could do? Anything that involves moving a dominant hand fingers is pretty much ruled out, including gripping stuff. (Typing on a keyboard and using a mouse are both not possible with my right hand). I'd love to have some hobbies or things to do, if you guys have any ideas.

On the side, as I mentioned, typing is a real pain, literally. Therefore sorry if I don't post much more for a bit :/ 



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This might come across as nerdy, but you can always make a small paper for yourself each vitamin and mineral and what your personal best sources are for consuming them. For example, you might have 10 foods listed for Vitamin A, but you can learn 3 of them that you like to eat. Once you get better, you can make a table in a doc and get it printed.

Another thing you could do is go on a band-hunt on YouTube. :P

Or binge-watch Breaking Bad (what I am up to), but I suspect you've already seen it. The Billions is a good new show, if it interests you.

Neither of these is a hobby, but I would really recommend #1 since you're going to want to know that throughout your life. It's really helpful in keeping healthy. :)

You could also listen to some podcasts. How Stuff Works is a great podcast.

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Thankfully my wrist has healed, so I'll be able to do my other hobbies, but you guys gave some interesting ideas :) @Flaw, I actually have to finish the last season, I'll do it this summer ;) I'll consider the first thing you explained, since it seems like something that would be beneficial in the very long term!

 @Alex, the fact that you put "sleep" as something to do (possibly only?) when you're injured makes me worry! :P but yeah, your advice on learning technique and stuff is something that I did end up doing, and that I also do when my wrist does work :P

 @SpencerCain, I'd actually love to, but I don't know if it would come in useful if my friends don't understand it... maybe I should break their wrists too!

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Here's an idea watch Person of Interest if you haven't seen it already it's onto it's final season but it is a very enjoyable show! I don't way to say too much apart from a Billionaire built a machine to see terrorist attacks for the government, but it sees everything. He hires an ex-serviceman to help with saving other people in New York, it is one of my favourite shows.

Other show recommendations are Arrow (up to end of Season 2), The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Falling Skies, Marvel's Netflix shows

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