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Three Years - Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction

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Remember that post I made about my upcoming fanfiction? Well, here it is! I've been posting it on many sites, and I remembered there was a small amount of interest for it here on JR, so I figured I'd post it here as well.

This is the only post I will make for the story. Whenever I update, I will edit this post and add a chapter in. Therefore, you may want to check periodically to see if a new chapter is out.

Anyway, even if you don't know much about Dragon Ball Z, give it a try! It's certainly possible to read fandom blind and just treat it like another story.

Let me know what you guys think, giving constructive criticism or just general feedback!

Chapter 1:

Part I - Established

Chapter 1


That's how one would describe the area. The wastelands were enveloped by the sky's light blue color, aided by the sun. It was noon. No shade of darkness could be seen. Everything was so visible, but there was nothing to see.

At least, not in the immediate view. To the left was an enormous mountain, the crest of its cliff extending infinitely, and to the right was a lake, which also seemed to never end. But straight ahead looked like a void of light.

This midday the wastelands had a couple of visitors traveling along its path, one of which was a young man of about twenty years old. He was bald headed, and his chest expanded, quite widely, in horizontal length. He had a third eye at the top of his forehead. He wore a white shirt, not covering his arms, and green pants, fastened by a red belt. He stood to be about five feet, ten inches. He frowned, normally. He used to smile back in the days, when he was an arrogant fighter, but times have changed.

Beside him was his lifelong best friend, floating ever so quietly. It was quite eerie, as his flight was so stealthy, and to notice him, one would have to conveniently look his way or hear him talk in his high-pitched voice. He wore similar clothes to those of the man.

Although he did indeed have a voice of such high-frequency, Chiaotzu was in no way the age of a boy. He was just a year younger than Tien Shinhan, who was twenty-one, so it was quite occult that he was the size of a tiny, seven-year-old boy. He possessed the whitest skin, pale to the bonel, red circles on his cheeks, and his face was almost always the same, blank expression he gave. Combine that with his oval eyes and wide, black pupils, and you have innocence. His head, usually covered by his black, red-topped hat, only had one curl of hair. He was an adult, but it strains common sense to refer to him as a man.

Chiaotzu only followed Tien. With some catastrophic exceptions, he hardly ever separated from his practical brother. He was levitating slightly behind him, at a height so that his head leveled Tien's. Neither of them knew of their exact location.

This wasn't an unfamiliar place to either of them, however. All they had to do was go straight to find their shelter, which they both hoped had not converted to debris while they were away.

"Should we fly? We'll make it there faster."

Tien heard Chiaotzu's voice for the first time in an hour. There really was nothing to talk about, a common occurrence in their friendship.

"Let's just walk."


So they continued into the nothingness and had nothing to speak of.

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