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I see JR has a teamspeak and mumble server but the new thing now is discord, free easy to use, easy to set up permissions. I am just throwing it out there that JR gets a discord channel then I know for me I would be on that alot more and can get to talk to people a lot more. 

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The lateness of this response probably gives a good indication of how long it has been since I've looked properly at what's been posted on the forum :P

Yeah I definitely agree, I hadn't used it till recently and it's a good app. It's also available on pretty much every platform so I'd definitely be in favour. 

Another thing is it can support upto 1000 concurrent users on a server, so it would definitely have the capacity.

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Discord is in my opinion superior to the lot. Was on it when it first came out and haven't looked back. It is so easy to manage, share and connect. I hope the consoles will actually add them so cross-platform players won't have to have multiple devices running to get connected. Am using it mostly for Final Fantasy XIV groups, but there is a great social aspect to it.


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It seems we can not self host a server for Discord. There is no support for it currently and doesn't look to be for the future it's hosted on the Discord public servers.


But anyway, here as wanted is our discord server, official server that is! https://discord.gg/ZABkBWV

Enjoy guys :)

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