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Your New Year Resolutions

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Hey guys,

As the title suggests. What are your new years resolutions. Do you think they are a good idea?

Mine are as follows:

  1. Get back here and start working on it at least once a week
  2. Sort my time management out at home as well as at work
  3. Work out more
  4. Go out different places and see the world with my misses
  5. Have more time to myself and have fun including gaming sessions
  6. Either progress in my role in work or leave the job and find a new job
  7. Stop trying to help everyone all the time and just focus on me a bit
  8. Try and start a blog of my life and what happens each day and post it on JR. Also try and record music with the equipment I have (I've had it for ages just too shy to record music)
  9. DO my washing once a week instead of every two weeks (and have to do a shit load)
  10. Save more, Get a new car by the middle of this year and possibly move house again?

So what's your resolutions guys. I gave ten because I think I can do these you don't have to give 10 but I'm very adamant at doing these.


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Hmm, I have some more generalised ones that are more focused around how I was disappointed with last year ending.

  1. Revise more so I can get the grades I require for the universities I want to go to
  2. Sort out my sleeping, seem to have developed some sort of insomnia towards the end of last year
  3. Stay committed to learning the guitar, bought myself an acoustic just before Christmas
  4. Attend all my lessons, as due to my insomnia I missed a lot of lessons and assessments
  5. Get better with my eating, ever since I had my reaction at the start of last year I don't eat that many foods
  6. Enjoy my life, I don't want to stress too much this year

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  • Get a frigging job and become financially independent.
  • Read more about privacy. Switch to products that care about it. Get people to be aware of their choices and its consequences in the tech world, with regards to the said subject.
  • Set up a Ghost blog and write a good, critical article once a month.
  • Pay off my debt and don't overspend at all until that is paid!

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I don't normally write down resolutions but I think they're a good idea, they definitely help give direction. Anyway these are mine for this year:

  • Try to get into the habit of waking up early, both so I can actually go to my lectures and so I have more time in the day.
  • Go to the gym more, I for some reason purchased a 9 month pass so I may as well get my moneys worth.
  • Start actually prioritising my university work.
  • Actually stick to the budgets I create.
  • Do more stuff to help other people (ik stuff is very general).

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