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How's life?

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Hey guys, after an overly long hiatus I'm making a bit of a return. As such I figured it'd be nice to catch up as I haven't talked to a lot of you in ages and I know life has a tendency to take off. 

So for my (brief) update, I'm more than halfway through my second year at Uni as a Biology and Computer Science dual major. It's a difficult and strange mix but I'm enjoying it. Currently I'm doing my second bout of research in Biology and in Comp Sci I'm in a game development class where my team and I are making an interesting version of Pokemon. I still play League of Legends as my primary game but I play Overwatch on the side now and again.

How have all of you been and what's been the big events in your lives recently?

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Glad to see you back Carter. I'm currently working my backside off at Harvey Norman Ireland. Retail can get the better of me at times. I'm working 5 - 6 days a week and when I'm off I'm generally fixing someones computer somewhere.

In JR: Currently I'm working on a new application myself and calystos are creating found at: https://dev.jrnetwork.net/

After this is setup it'll #1 organize what servers we have running, #2 link steam profiles to JR, #3 really change how our website will work in terms of what gaming and voice servers we have in operation.

Recently on JR as well you should be able to see the new Help Center that'll allow users to submit problems to the staff and the community and soon the store will be integrated to a lot of the JR servers.

A lot more will be coming to JR soon but there is a lot of development going on. Remember on  the bottom right to like facebook, twitter, join our steam group and xbox group :)


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Hey Carter,

Long time no speak! Nice to see you back again. I'm currently in my last year of school and if all goes well I'll be off to University in September to do Computer Science :D I've recently finished playing Arkham Knight, probably the best game in the series in my opinion.

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