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Ark server - how do you find it?

Did we do good?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. How was lag on our server?

    • Non-Existant
    • Some, But not noticable
    • Loads, Couldn't play at all
  2. 2. Do we have all the plugins you want?

    • Yes, Great choices!
    • No (Please comment about what you want)
  3. 3. Would you like another Ark server for The Center map and Scorched Island?

    • Yes, It'd be a great addition
    • No, Hold off for a bit

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Better rates for harvesting would be great, at least 3x. This is just a mod I would really want: Classic Flyers. One of arks last updates made flying dinos incredibly useless. Max stamina is lower than most dinos which makes all flying dinos useless. A lot of people don't really use flying dinos but for some they are very important. just a suggestion :) 

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