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New map?

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So i was thinking that some of u could be kind of tired of the same old of vanilla maps. So i wanna suggest a map.
I like Ragnarok map but not much of a fan of Annunaki. So rather not play there since ill get bored with all bigger dinos tamed in a day.
Volcano is ok, but doesnt have much atmosphere in it and everything is just too normal appart form some waterfals and the cool volcano island (Emma and Eric please dont hate me :) ). To be honest the dinos spawns r very messy an disorganized.
I would like to suggest the ShigoIsland map. Has all biomes including Wyverns biome, all new dinos and features working. Its just stunning and well done. Caves over and under water, ruins. All things u expect in a map. And never had much of fps problem with it. 40% bigger than The Island map and filled with some awesome spots to build ur lil new home
The immersion is something easy in its enviroment. Check that out.
Id noticed that theres 2 servers mostly empty atm, at least for the majority of the time. The Island and SE. Would u guys agreed to trade one of those for this Epic map?


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