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Hey guys,

I'd like to get some feedback about what events we could do at JR. Do you have a good idea for a event. It doesn't have to be for a certain game, it could be all of them, one of them or something with the website.

I'd love to hear what you guys think. Please post below so we can bring some cool events to JR!

Thanks for your time to comment!

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The only game I play here is ARK. There is sooo many things you can do there but as always they take time from admins. Many videos on the tube about it.

Examples are.

Dodo Toss: Build a "dartboard" and a platform next to it. Toss your dodos to get ponts.

Races: Make races with specific creatures. Just from pont A to B or over a specified/marked track.

PvP Races: Same as above but enable PvP during the race so you can stop your opponents

Arena fights: Last man standing or one on one. Set a specific area for the fight/build an arena/get one of the mods.

Mazes: Build one yourself or get the monkey maze mod to help out.

This is just what pops up right now, sure I remember more if I think about it.



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Uhhh the mazes thing sounds fuuun! I know there's a maze on the volcano, which would be a great place to do hide n seek! I saw some youtubers do it and it looked really funny. I could totally dig that :D 

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