Hey guys, I'd just like to write a small post on JR, it's finances and I need some help. You will understand why I am making this post soon lol. JR has been running for 10 years straight and most of the finances have come directly from my wage, JR costs roughly currently €110 ~ a month.  (that's 1320 a year and it's been that way for the last 4 years) This is an average and is spread among a server and software licencing. We are getting more and more popular and we are getting more players and soon we need to expand. JR currently runs on a very powerful server with 8 cores, 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB in raid. This allows us to do some special software configurations including virtualisation. This allows us to run all the game servers we run. Soon though due to the growth of ARK we will have to add another dedicated server to our server cluster to offload some of the traffic and load. This isn't a case of we can hold off, we need to do this. To do this we need community help as it's getting harder to afford to run everything I have to pay for JR. What I'd like to ask is, How can we raise some money to keep us financially stable? Do we add a donation system for getting in game items? Do we add more adverts around the website? Do you have any ideas for our premium membership which are viable solutions? Do you have any other ideas I haven't thought of? To get this straight, I'm not asking for money, I hate asking for money. I run JR for fun as a hobby and I like making people smile. Any donations or funding we get will be put towards payment of all servers, licencing that we pay. What do you guys think, I need your help to figure out how we can sort things.